The Frontier Fellowship program is partnered with Children’s Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern (CRI) in Dallas, Texas. Recipients of the Frontier Fellowship can work in any CRI lab or combination of labs.

Learn about the CRI labs below.

Michalis Agathocleous Lab

The Agathocleous lab is interested in stem cell metabolism and how it compares to the metabolism of cancers from the same tissue.

Ralph DeBerardinis Lab

The DeBerardinis lab seeks to characterize metabolic disorders, understand how they compromise tissue function, and design therapies to restore normal metabolism.

Gerta Hoxhaj Lab

The Hoxhaj lab seeks to understand the molecular mechanisms that control cellular metabolism to reveal new therapeutic strategies for cancer and other metabolic disorders.

Sam McBrayer Lab

The McBrayer lab studies the metabolic mechanisms that influence the development of gliomas with a particular focus on identifying metabolic vulnerabilities that may reveal new therapeutic strategies.

Prashant Mishra Lab

The Mishra lab studies how mitochondria regulate normal cellular function and develops mouse models to better understand mitochondrial diseases.

Sean Morrison Lab

The Morrison lab studies the mechanisms that regulate stem cell function and the ways in which cancer cells hijack these mechanisms to enable tumor formation.

Jian Xu Lab

The Xu lab studies how gene regulation controls stem cell function in the blood forming system and the development of childhood leukemia.

Hao Zhu Lab

The Zhu lab is identifying the mechanisms that regulate liver regeneration and how these mechanisms influence the development of hepatocellular carcinoma.